Saturday, 23 March 2013

What is Keek .. ??

hye ... now i want to updates u about '' Keek '' .. tau ta apa itu keek ???? Keek is a new kind of social network. It's the easiest way to share video updates with friends. That release in March 2012.

The fastest way to share video updates with friends
Share 36-second video updates via webcam, iPhone or Android. Posting keeks is a fun way to meet new people, stay up to date with friends and tell the world what you're up to in real-time.
can post the video by webcam, android and iphone ..

Respond to keeks with video comments
Simply press the 'Keekback' button underneath a keek and record your video comment. Add an '@mention' in the caption and they'll be instantly notified that you posted a keekback for them.

Private keeks
Send private video messages to friends
If you and another user are following each other, you can send them a private keek. Go to your Dashboard → Keekmail → Private keeks and click the 'New private keek' button. Simply enter your friend's Keek username and record your message.

Follow people
Stay up-to-date with people that interest you
Keek is a busy place, but with this simple feature you can keep up with the people that interest you most. Just click the 'Follow' button next to a user's name at the top of their page and their recent activity will appear in your stream.

Subscribe to your favorites
Get instant alerts when users post new keeks
Subscribe to someone and you will be alerted by email and keekmail when they post a keek. Receive updates as they happen, or opt for a simple daily digest. Subscribing ensures that you never miss a keek from your favorite users.

Mention friends in keek captions and comments by putting an '@' symbol in front of their Keek username – they'll be instantly notified that you mentioned them.
it is like a Twitter rite ...?

Instantly share to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
Keek is a great tool for quickly posting videos to multiple social networks at once. Post them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or embed in your blog.

jum .. sig up .. heheh :)

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